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The first audience selections happens when you choose your subject matter— certain people just won't read certain things at this very moment in time. But a lesson for all new creators is J.K. Rowling: unless you select an audience that won't cancel you and your authorship over a product, said audience will do exactly that the moment you say or do something naughty by mob standards.

Choose at least an audience that won't hate you, the same way you shouldn't give money to creators who hate you. This is the minimum requirement someone must demand today— J.K. Rowling is the richest and most influential woman in the world, and she has the means to resist the mob. Small fishes, not so much, so it's better to be safe since the beginning of your creative career.

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Audience selection was already a thing in the 80s Metal scene. It was all about whimps and posers. They either had to leave the hall or were the subjects of death threats.

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