Excellent post.

A bit of a white pill. Yes the online right is stuck in nostalgia mode but, here's the white pill, the left is even more so. Everything about the left is ossified. Their entire ideology is rehashed boring 1960s boomer nostalgia for WWII Spanish Republicans and their obsession with a 150+ year failed philosophy that has proven to be a failure for humanity over and over. Conservatives want to LARP as 1950s Mad Men, but Libs larp like the 1880 Paris commune over and over.

Think about it this way, shitlibs dominate all aspects of culture yet they haven't been able to make anything knew in decades. No new great music, no new great writing, nothing, just nostalgic pastiche of old Boomerism. They go on and on about how they will make Equity in film, it's been decades now and not one decent female director has made a good movie... Where's the new and interesting lefty philosophers, the last good one was Mark Fisher and he swallowed a bullet meanwhile they regurgitate pedophilic french continental garbage about sexual identity. Our side might be dazed with nostalgia but theirs is frozen on a path to nowhere. We just need to make sure we don't let them take us with them.

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This is rather timely as I myself (as I think you know) am working on a book about nostalgia and memory. For me, it isn't just the popular culture of the 90s, but rather the feelings of magical freedom that I got at the time. But aesthetically I am mostly influenced by people like T.S. Eliot and Goethe. Nostalgia as longing for for the old days and such is one sort, but then there is also the Sehnsucht that Eliot and Goethe were dealing with, and that also pervade many other works, such as the writings of Tolkien. Just recently I have been thinking of that short cartoon, Puff the Magic Dragon, and how it creates this same feeling of longing.

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Sometimes I wonder if your generation's nostalgia is just a way to protect itself against Millennials or Gen Z. Gen Y gives the impression of being scared of young people.

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Great post.

The constant nostalgia I find bizarre. I grew up in the 90s and early 00s. Some things were good, some were bad and tacky. I don't pine for it like some my age do, and really if you're pining for the past at age 30 there's something wrong, hell at any age. Though given the sludge of "content" (a crass word for art) coming out from the mainstream it's no wonder nostalgia is high. And when older franchises aren't left alone it confuses nostalgia and the new. Constant reboots and remakes stagnates art. Star Wars is the obvious example where the new and old are clashing to such a point that something new and different would be better. I grew up with Star Wars but I would be happy if no more were made, I can still enjoy the old, and they can influence some future story instead of being warmed up and rehashed.

We all seem to agree the true, the good, and the beautiful are the goals and I think that is broad enough to unify. We don't need a unified aesthetic and we shouldn't want one as it would limit the appeal. Someone can write gory space opera while another can write period romances and another can write gritty crime but all can be aimed at the true, the good, and the beautiful in their own way.

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This is what I needed to read. This topic is occupying my mind lately and I'm glad you could help address this in your piece. Thank you. God bless.

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